Schweizerisches Museum für Papier, Schrift und Druck



Whether handmade or produced on the museum’s laboratory paper machine, a wide assortment of paper is manufactured at the Basel Paper Mill, in a variety of sizes and styles. All papers are made from first-class materials: In keeping with historic tradition, our papers are made from rags, which are first ground by the museum’s stamping mill, then processed in the museum’s Hollander-beater.

We manufacture hand-made paper according to your designs and desires, in small and large quantities, and can use your own watermark upon request.

Our catalogue with papers and materials for paper production can be found here.

For consultation and offers, please contact our papermaker


+41 (0) 61 225 90 98


We print cards, certificates and diplomas, wedding and birth announcements, and complete office stationery.

Upon special request, we produce copper prints and wood engravings. Printing is done with our hand-set type or on our casting and typesetting machines Monotype and Linotype.

Our own type casting foundry allows us to produce a wide range of Antiqua and Gothic scripts for your special commission.

The Basel Paper Mill is the proud owner of a steel engraving press. To this day, works printed on a steel engraving press are unmatched in quality, elegance, and feel.

For consultation and offers, please contact our printer

Herrn Gerhard Stockinger

+41 (0) 61 225 90 96


Upon request, our bookbinder produces sketchbooks, diaries, booklets, brochures, folders, and decorative objects with a variety of designs. Centuries-old skills blend with high-quality materials, producing peerless results. Books are custom-made as single items, or can be made in a small series.

For consultation and offers, please contact our bookbinder

Herrn Boris Hammer,

+41 (0)61 225 90 97