Schweizerisches Museum für Papier, Schrift und Druck

Museum Shop

Our Museum Shop features high-quality products from our workshops as well as a wide selection of stationery, including cards, writing material, and paper accessories.

Pick up calligraphy tools and materials, writing utensils in traditional and contemporary designs, and choose from an array of books!

Stock up on fine paper in different sizes and weights. Need paper for writing, watercolors, or special projects? Look no further! Our impressive selection of “Papers of the World” features a wide collection of designs, colors and fabrics, including Nepalese lokta-paper and high-quality Italian and Japanese papers. Love wrapping beautiful presents? We’re here to help you pick the most beautiful papers to do so.

In selecting its products, the Basel Paper Mill favors small specialised manufacturers that present unique examples of regional art skills. Fair trade and socially responsible production are important to us.

Did your visit inspire you? Then get everything you need to make paper on your own: from moulds and ready-to-use paper pulp to felts, we have it all ready for you.

Our catalog with papers and materials for papermaking you can find here.


“Stamps turn the smallest piece of paper into something special.”

Under this motto, the graphic designer Katja Kücherer von Perlenfischer, the manufactory for handmade stamps, has now created over 300 designs.

The stamps are made exclusively in Germany, the material is made of beech wood with motif stickers, the stamp rubber is mounted on a foam layer.

In the museum shop of the Basler Papiermühle you will find a selected motif palette of these exclusive rubber stamps, of course accompanied by colored ink pads in different sizes.

Have fun discovering and stamping!