Special Offers

Special Offers


The Basel Paper Mill offers students the unique opportunity to go back in time. On a two-hour tour, students experience the traditional techniques of papermaking, typesetting, and printing.

School groups (not to exceed 25 people): CHF 220, plus an admission fee of CHF 10 per student.

School groups are required to make reservations two weeks in advance, subject to confirmation.

Please note that reservation requests are also necessary for unguided school groups from 10 people upwards.

For more information on one-hour tours and a range of guided visits, please see the “Groups’”Section.

  • Extra-curricular activities: (Pfadi, etc.): CHF 10 per person.

School, apprentice, and student groups of the cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land are admitted free of charge.



For two-hour tours, including papermaking and printing: Groups (not to exceed 25 people): CHF 240, plus admission per person. 

For one-hour tours: Groups (not to exceed 25 people): CHF 200, plus admission per person.

Special guided tours are offered on the following themes.

Paper Mill Stories guides you through life in a medieval paper mill, and allows you to explore the laborious process of making paper from rags (includes hands-on experience).

Basel, the Humanist City takes you back to the golden era of book printing in Basel. In the 1500s, Basel’s sophisticated humanist printing and publishing houses were widely known throughout Europe.

Additional special tours may be available upon request.
Each of the special tours mentioned above are one-hour tours.
Hours for guided tours are
Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 6pm, Saturday 1pm – 6pm, and Sunday, 11am – 6pm.
Group tours can sometimes be made available upon request at times outside our usual guided tour times (subject to additional charges).

Groups (not to exceed 25 people): CHF 200 (schools: CHF 170) plus admission per person.
Groups are required to make reservations two weeks in advance, subject to confirmation

Reservation requests are also necessary for unguided groups above 10 people.

A completely unique way to experience the magic of the museum outside the regular hours is by booking a Papermaker’s Bash – an introduction to papermaking in a fun and relaxed environment. This one-hour event can include refreshments. Is combined with an aperitif. Booking times include Tuesday through Sunday after 5pm and additionally Saturday mornings up til 1pm.

Up to 25 people: CHF 290, plus admission per person, plus cost of aperitif. For groups over 25 people, an additional charge of CHF 150 will be applied. 

Equipment rental

Moulds for papermaking:

The Basel Paper Mill crafts moulds for papermaking in various sizes. These can be rented in formats A5 and A4. Rentals for 14 days: CHF 50.

Please contact our papermaker René von Arb: Tel. +41 (0)61 225 90 98.

 Mobile papermaking equipment

For courses, workshops, and business events, consider renting our mobile vat! Basic equipment includes a wooden vat with footstool, stirring rod, press, felts, and drying press (for A5 paper). To complete your own papermaking workshop, you can purchase ready-to-use paper pulp.

Please contact our papermaker René von Arb: Tel. +41 (0)61 225 90 98.

Rental Spaces

Event space & meeting room rental

For your special private or business event:
The event room on the 3rd floor of the medieval mill (100m2) offers an unmatched atmosphere for your event. It comes equipped with all contemporary communication devices, including projector and screen, and can be set up to your unique specifications. The room provides an ideal setting for banquets, business events, seminars, and lectures. Up to 70 people can be seated for dinner. For lectures and presentations, the room accommodates up to 90 people. You can find a floor plan here:(LINK)

Preise Raummiete:
Fees 1 Hour CHF 100
Half-day:         (8am – 1pm or 1pm – 6pm) CHF 380
Full day: (8am – 6pm) CHF 560
Full day: (8am – 10pm) CHF 780
Evening: (5pm – 10pm) CHF 400
For every additional hour CHF 100
Media equipment half-day / full day CHF 50 / CHF 100
Custodian from 6pm onwards CHF 60 per hour
Use of basic kitchen CHF 60

It is also possible to rent the papermaker’s workshop on the ground floor, as well as the entire museum for your special event.

For detailed information, please call +41 (0) 61 225 90 90 or write to admin@baslerpapiermuehle.ch