Schweizerisches Museum für Papier, Schrift und Druck


Thought 4

“The city of Basel has of course an infinite number of sights, but you should take a look at the paper mill. Especially with children, because here you can scoop paper yourself and get a completely different relationship to this wonderful material. Very...

Thought 3

“An exemplary museum with many stations for paper production, where experts demonstrate and explain the respective work steps for paper production on old machines. suitable for visitors of all ages. ” Jürgen L.

Thought 2

“Highly recommended and really great, since among other things you can create paper yourself. Marble, write with pen and ink, print and write text on old typewriters. Time flies by in these exhibition rooms. The museum shop is a dream for paper fans ” Agnes...

Thought 1

“The many opportunities to do things yourself are great, especially for children. My daughter (11 years) and I had a lot of fun for 2 hours. All processes of paper production and further processing, the history of paper and writing are presented in a very entertaining...