From paper to book

In our Medieval era paper mill building, you can explore the history of paper and the written word, learn about typesetting and printing in a hands-on environment, and discover the intricacies of bookbinding. The museum’s remarkable collection includes many historic rarities. Experience authentic workshops where you can witness historic machines at work, and even test your own craftsmanship skills by trying out centuries-old techniques.

Putting history to work

The museum brings lost craftsmanship back to life through our on-site craftsmen who produce with original tools and machines. You are invited to watch these old ways of making products. Hone your skills in our authentic workshops to better understand the procedures. Make paper, write with a goose quill, use a typewriter, typeset your name, and create colorful marbled paper! All these activities are included in the museum’s entrance fee.

Integrated workplaces

One of the museum’s core values is inclusivity. All of the museum’s departments feature accessible and supportive workplaces for people with special needs or disabilities. The museum also offers re-integration programs, including job training.